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The Weird World of Everyday Liquids

Amazing videos of slow motion liquids… far more surreal and intricate than you might think!


Another 4 Elements finally confirmed

In case you missed this earlier in January! Confirmation of Four New Elements

Happy New Year!

We hope you’ve all had a great Christmas and New Year and are ready and raring to go for 2016! Here’s a selection of interesting news stories from over the holidays:

Ebola Epidemic ends in Guinea

‘Social Robots’ working in Singapore

UK astronaut joins International Space Station

A collection of BBC News Best Science Reads 2015

The Promise of Gene-Editing

Scientists from around the world are currently meeting in Washington to discuss the way forward for human gene editing. Find out more about what it is currently being used for, and what it potentially could do.

Powering Tractors with Methane from corn… or cows?!

World’s first methane powered tractor created in Italy

6 graphics that explain Climate Change

With the UN conference on climate change currently underway, make sure you understand what it’s all about.

Plague Hats as Bioweapons?!

Tardigrades – the only animal that can survive in space


Scientists have sequenced the genome of tardigrades and found that it has one sixth of its genes stolen from other organisms…!

BBC News – Science & Environment

Always an excellent source of articles on Science & Environment

BBC News – Science & Environment

I like this one Biggest ever Sodium Chloride Model?

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