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Extraordinary Personalised Facts and Figures about your body

The Making of Me and You

Just input your date of birth, gender at birth, height and weight, and instantly find out:

• The chemical ingredients that make up you, and what your body is worth
• How many atoms you are made of, and what can be made with them
• How many fat, blood, skin and brain cells you have
• How much genetic data is inside you
• How many other microbes live on your body with you
• The size and weight of your internal organs
• How much wee, poo, sperm or eggs you have produced so far
• How many times you have blinked, breathed, yawned and farted
• And so much more


Beauty of Engineering captured in Photography

Bullet holes & Graphene caves: picturing engineering

The Promise of Gene-Editing

Scientists from around the world are currently meeting in Washington to discuss the way forward for human gene editing. Find out more about what it is currently being used for, and what it potentially could do.

Tardigrades – the only animal that can survive in space


Scientists have sequenced the genome of tardigrades and found that it has one sixth of its genes stolen from other organisms…!

Take-Away Pi

How to calculate pi without any measuring instruments…

by Agnes Fung, Y13 Smith

Maker Bay

Found this place in Hong Kong which looks like a great opportunity:

“MakerBay is a MakerSpace in the heart of Hong Kong with great space, tools and maker community.”


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