The Science Department

at Harrow International School Hong Kong

Just how much Gold is really in an Olympic Gold Medal?

Hope you were able to watch some of the fantastic sport on display in the Rio Olympics. Here’s more about what’s actually in those shiny medals…

Olympic Medal Compositions


Extraordinary Personalised Facts and Figures about your body

The Making of Me and You

Just input your date of birth, gender at birth, height and weight, and instantly find out:

• The chemical ingredients that make up you, and what your body is worth
• How many atoms you are made of, and what can be made with them
• How many fat, blood, skin and brain cells you have
• How much genetic data is inside you
• How many other microbes live on your body with you
• The size and weight of your internal organs
• How much wee, poo, sperm or eggs you have produced so far
• How many times you have blinked, breathed, yawned and farted
• And so much more

The Weird World of Everyday Liquids

Amazing videos of slow motion liquids… far more surreal and intricate than you might think!

Youth Forum opportunity

This looks like a great opportunity: 2 weeks at Imperial College London, full of talks by highly esteemed scientists & demonstrators, visits, debates, and more – with the possibility of going to CERN in Geneva!

London International Youth Science Forum

Another 4 Elements finally confirmed

In case you missed this earlier in January! Confirmation of Four New Elements

Scientific Fashions

I’m sure a lot of girls here would love these amazing science dresses!

“I feel like I’m standing on a cloud!”

Special delivery of liquid nitrogen for Science week…!

Congratulations to Downes & Nightingale


After a storming start from Fox, Downes recovered and the Prep school final turned out to be a very closely fought battle. Despite some stunning guesswork from Fox (even before multiple choice questions were fully read out!), Downes were finally crowned champions.

In the Senior competition, there were some thoroughly impressive answers. Particular mention must go to Ben Wang who dominated the Maths questions. Nightingale proved to be faster on the buzzers, leading them to a decisive victory.

Thank you to all staff and students who took part and made this a very educational and entertaining event.

Science Week 2016!

Harrow Science Week Logo (PNG)

Science in the Movies – Jan 11th – 15th

Look out for:

  • Mystifying Movie Moments in Prep-school lessons
  • The Interhouse Science Quiz Finals (Tuesday 5pm – 5/F MPR)
  • Movie Scientists Trail
  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardy sessions by the 6th Form Student Societies

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